AIE | Active International Engineers

Change the Future

World-Class Plant Engineering

AIE has been involved in a broad range of plant engineering work since our establishment.
Based on this technology, knowledge and know-how and by continually taking on challenges, these our strengths help us to respond to all customer`s request.
We will continue to deliver flexible and quick plant engineering work and provide unrivalled services that exceed customer expectations and meet the needs of society.

Power Up your Career in Engineering

If you want to make an engineering your lifetime career, consider AIE immediately. Because we employ full-time employees, you can work methodically over the long term. We support that you acquire the qualifications you need, and also offer an environment where you can steadily realize your own growth. If you want to step up as engineer and power up your skill, apply to AIE.

Our Global Engineering Service

Over our history, AIE aims to become a leading plant engineering company globally with a worldwide presence. We believe that our engineers provide the requisite services and support globally and will lead to your best solution with our experience and professional skill. If you are looking for the global engineers, you can rely on AIE that keeps growing.